155 E. Boardwalk Dr., Suite 400, Fort Collins, Colorado 80525

Civil Litigation

  • Advice to help avoid litigation
  • Principled representation in money claims
  • Practical advice and representation

I take selected civil matters, but not all.  The firm handles selected civil claims for individuals, where I see a legitimate basis for the claim and sufficient money damages to warrant the expense of an attorney.  I also handle defense of claims made against individuals, whether a claim for money or for other relief, such as a claim against a client for a statutory no-contact order, which can have significant ramifications for the client.  At times, the best advice is to show clients why they really do not want to pursue litigation.

Among the areas in which I represent individuals are:

  • Child Welfare, Dependency and Neglect
  • Defense of some civil claims against individuals, including civil protection orders (“restraining orders”)
  • General advice about filing, or defending against, a case in Small Claims Court.

Sorry, but I do not handle the following types of legal matters:

  • divorce, dissolution of marriage
  • filing of bankruptcies
  • immigration (I do work with clients on immigration issues related to criminal charges)
  • patents, trademarks, copyright
  • preparation of wills or trusts
  • taxes
  • worker’s compensation
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