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  • Flat fees often available
  • Full explanation by written contract

I charge a set fee for most misdemeanors and lower-level felony charges, so that the client knows at the start what total fee they are going to pay. That fee is based on my years of experience handling such cases, and recognizes that most cases do not wind up going to an actual jury trial. If your case does need a trial, I do not charge any additional fee. I will make up the fee difference in the next several cases I handle that do not need trials. The amount of the set fee is based on the charges being investigated or filed, and the client’s prior criminal record, if any. I can usually tell you what my fee would be in such a case, after a short phone conference.

For more serious or complex cases, or if a client is facing multiple criminal court cases, I charge an hourly fee with a retainer and hourly fee deposit.

In civil cases, the fee may be hourly or a contingent fee, depending on the case and the facts.

Regardless of the type of fee charged, in some cases there may also be out-of-pocket expenses in addition to the attorney fee, for things like court filing fees, DA discovery charges, process servers, lab tests, copies of medical records. etc.

I charge for my experience, and I charge a sufficient fee to let me devote the time needed to properly advise you and handle your case. I am not the least expensive attorney in town, though also not the most expensive. Every case has its own particular set of circumstances that require individualized attention. This firm does not do an assembly line for cases. Usually, yours will be the only case I have in Court on your court date and time. I have never had a client tell me that I did not spend enough time with them explaining their case and going over their legal options.

I do not provide a free initial conference. I know that some attorneys do. My service is my time and advice, and many clients just need an initial conference. After your phone call to set up an initial conference, I spend time preparing for that conference and checking online records when relevant (as for most criminal case conferences). I sometimes also do basic legal research on your legal problem. Whether you hire me or not after an initial conference, you will know considerably more about your case, court procedures, the law, your rights, your options, and the possible consequences, than you knew before you came to see me. My current initial conference fee is $95, except for firearms rights cases, which take considerably more time to research and review with the client, and for researching criminal case records before 1995.  For firearms rights cases, or to research record sealing in cases from before 1995, the initial conference fee is $190.

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