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A Small Firm Emphasizing Representation of Individuals Dealing with the Vagaries of Life

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  • Located in midtown Fort Collins
  • Over 20 years providing legal representation in Fort Collins, Loveland, and Northern Colorado
  • Emphasizing criminal defense, and representation of individuals in selected civil litigation

Experience and service to our clients are the hallmarks of the firm. During my 30-plus years as an attorney I have handled everything from DUI’s to murder charges. I know the ramifications of a domestic violence incident, for all concerned. I understand the embarrassment and uncertainty a generally law-abiding client feels when facing a criminal charge, and the concern of a college student’s out-of-state parents when they learn that their son or daughter is in jail.

I examine serious questions of law for appeal or post-conviction review.

Colorado arrest and court records are now easily available to employers and others on the internet, regardless of the outcome of the case. I help clients petition to seal/expunge those records where appropriate. I can also collect criminal records and write an opinion letter for you to provide to potential employers as an explanation of charges, your legal status after a deferred sentence, etc.

I also help clients understand the interplay of criminal convictions and such things as voting rights, sex offender registration, and the very complex issue of firearm rights and gun laws under sometimes conflicting state and federal laws. I often assist clients in updating CBI arrest records to accurately reflect the favorable results of Court proceedings.

I also assist individuals  with legal questions, hopefully to avoid litigation, and with litigation when necessary.  See Practice Areas on this site for more information.

While most of the cases taken by the firm are matters pending in courts in Fort Collins or Loveland (Larimer County), I also travel to the Denver metro area, Greeley (Weld County), Boulder County, Colorado mountain communities, and anywhere else in Colorado where a client needs representation. Seriousness of the matter, expertise needed, convenience for the client, and cost determine whether it is better for the client to retain me or use a local attorney in those other areas of the State.

I have tremendous respect for the legal system, its protections, and its remedies for disputes. I try to impart that appreciation to my clients, by keeping them fully informed of the law in their case, the options they have, and the developments as their case proceeds. I try to direct my clients so that they can avoid future legal problems.

I welcome your inquiry, and hope that you find this website informative and interesting.

Please note that no legal advice is given, or attorney/client relationship established, by this website. See Legal Disclaimer.

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